Mission: Flow Swimming clinics are designed to create athletic, long lasting strokes and mindsets that will set the foundation for faster swimming and more intense training.

Philosophy: Flow Swimming understands that there is a lot of information out there in the vast world of swimming. We do not usually think of things as “correct” or “incorrect” unless we are discussing core principles i.e. one’s head must be down in order to obtain buoyancy. 

We think of swimmers and coaches as athletes with the ability to try new and different things. We want to challenge bodies to move, interact, experience, and think about the water in unique ways.

We teach a variety of styles of each stroke because we believe that an athlete will never “mess themselves up”. We think of skills like tools in a toolbox. If you, as an athlete, ever find yourself in a certain situation that requires a certain tool then we hope that we have given you the tools to use. We also believe that it is the ability to make technical and tactical decisions during a race that gives an athlete the edge over their competitors.

We are always open to learn through discussion and would love to hear from you!

Mark Hill
Founder & Head Coach

7-time Big Ten Champion

NCAA Champion

2012 Olympic Team Coach 

2013 World Championship Team Coach

ASCA Level 5 NCAA Div I


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