Flow Swimming clinics use a variety of ways to enhance the learning of the swimmer. We use a combination of highly skilled clinicians (NCAA and Olympic swimmers and coaches), video feedback, and high level drilling to work with the swimmer from several angles. We want to ensure that they have the opportunity to learn and absorb in different ways. It is the learning component, after all, that is the most important for us to target. The information can be complicated so our goal is to give you takeaways that you can use long after the clinic is over. Our #1 goal is setting you up so you can process the information daily. We want you to know how to get better so you can BE better!


We also want you to hear from us about the non-physical realm of swimming. Not just the mental game either. We at Flow Swimming want you to understand all the nuances of the sport. Each Flow Swimming clinic will also include a speaking session from a clinician where he or she will be able to offer insights that are unique to their position in the sport.


Autographs will also be offered by all of our clinicians!


Based on Virginia Beach location

1-Hour Starter Clinic
  • 10 & under competitive swimmers

  • Must be able to swim 1x25 of each stroke legally




2-Hour Competitive Clinic
  • Ages 11 & up. Under 10 must have a
    minimum of an A time Standard.

  • B Times in age group  

  • Requires fins and pads

  • Snorkel requested

  • Max 20 Swimmers per clinic 




Discounts available:​

  • Military

  • Multiple registered siblings

Email us for more details!

  1. When you have found a clinic that you would like to attend just click on the REGISTER button. That will prompt an email to Mark Hill (markhillswim@gmail.com) and the subject line will be auto-filled with the clinic date that you've selected. (If you experience any problems please feel free to email Mark with the dates you would like using the email above.)

  2. If you would like to book more than one clinic session, please add the additional dates to either the subject line or body of the email.

  3. Add your child's name, age and anything else you would like us to know! When you email us you will be immediately registered if there is space. If there is not space, we will work with you to find a clinic date available.

  4. After you register, an invoice will be sent back to you with instructions for payment. You may pay with a check or by credit card by simply following the instructions on the invoice. We use PayPal for credit cards but you do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card. 

  5. Payment to the invoice is due 7 business days after you receive the invoice. 



We work with swimmers from all over the world. No matter your skill level, there is a clinic for everyone!

We travel! Book us to work with your entire team.

Clinics can be customized to your needs.



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